Stars Chatting

confusing questions from a confusing girl… then the confusing girl thought…. how could they answer the questions??? so so confusing…. what a confusing night….

LA : why cant stars and sun come together to me?

PF: in what methaphor u put ur self into? are u another star?

PF: sun is a star as well, right…

PF: mmm..

PF: oh.. i know..

PF: when star and the sun (which is also a star) come together.. getting close each other.. there would be disaster..

LA: I’m laughing

LA: if u laugh much today, then tomorrow you will cry

BM: ya..

LA: if u laughed much yesterday, now u’r crying

BM: seperti roda

LA: should it be?

LA: why?

LA: sometimes the happiness is too short

LA: shorter than the sadness

LA: and the usual days

BM: melankolic

LA: if i could choose which happiness i would own

LA: if only

BM: kok?

LA: i have the priority to be ended as a happiness

LA: everyone does….

BM: jadi tidak masalah kan mengalami sadness dulu

BM: kalau sudah menentukan prioritas

LA: what?

LA: this sadness is just the end of my priority

BM: tidak tau ini akhir dalam hal apa..

BM: tapi akhir,waktunya sudah ditentukan.

BM: bagaimana caranya mengakhiri,kita masih diberi pilihan..

BM: kan belum berakhir ling.

LA: should i beg for it…

LA: ?

BM: beg?

BM: kepada Allah boleh

BM: ikhtiarnya diikutkan..

LA: hemmm

LA: yeach… everything depends on HIM

LA: including this

LA: sometimes i’m tired of those motivation theory

LA: u know?

LA: to dream is just to be ready of falling

LA: and it’s hard to practice all what they call “never giving up”

LA: when u finally fall… when u’r finally hurt

BM: kalo menyerah

BM: or kalah

BM: ingatnya ke ali ‘imron 140

BM: you’re not alone

LA: sure

BM: sure?

LA: yes…

LA: just reach into your heart and Allah is always there *singing

LA: right?

LA: is it a sin when i think that it’s cliche?

BM: doanya nabi Adam bagus juga

LA: ???

BM: dzolamna,anfusana


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