Papa, Amang, Bapak, Ayah, Daddy, Abah, Abak, Papi

Pa, if only i could talk to you, i would tell you this:

  1. I’ve found so many people from our clan. I know you will be happy to know this. By facebook, i can meet so many Ambaritas. Pap, do you know, we have to thank God that hidayah came for us. Most of them are christian, emmm… i know that’s about belief which is beyond space and time. But, i believe that Islam is the truth. Oh Ya Pa, by facebook, i also find Ambarita in Bengkulu. He’s a muslim Pap, i’m sure if you’re still here with us, you will ask us to meet him, or even you’ll go to his house yourself. Ahhh… all know that you’re a very kind person
  2. Papaaa… I can earn money now. Haha… I really want to buy you a T-Shirt or something like that. Emmm… i miss your looking Pap
  3. Oh ya, i haven’t told you that i have ever been in America. I know you’ll be proud of me for it pa… You know? When i was there i sometimes forgot that you’d been “there”, i always wanted to buy a gift for you. Hemmm…
  4. Pa, Now i teach many students. I wonder if you want to hear so many stories happened everyday in my classes. Actually, i feel so bored now. If i tell you this, i’m sure you’ll say “never give up Dek…! Keep on track”
  5. Pa, i saw many fathers at school today. Father of my students. If i saw some “big father”, i would remember you. Miss you so much, my big man.
  6. It’s been years… but your shadow is always here with me. Pa, do you know? When i dream of you, your face is always look very handsome, it glows. Pa, is it the sign that you’re happy there with Opung??
  7. I always want to write about you, but it’s hard. Make me feel blue.
  8. It’s not enough, eight’s not enough.
  9. Let me write you in my mind.
  10. Good afternoon Pa.

With avery big love
Your Dadut (miss the way you call me)


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