For My Lovely D@**

Smile just makes u look silly! Crap!! You know? i feel beauty of mine multiplying when i smile.

Why dont you want to smile? Is it because your disease? Iā€™m very sorry to hear that! but not only you dying… we all are dying. Everything can kill everybody.

I always praying for your long happy life, so i can smile to you again, as many as i want, eventhough you call me a fool, however stupid your face will respond it, stupid!!
I will always smile to you!

Survive honey, survive…
i want you prove everyone calling u freak, that you’re special.
not only you dying, me dying, everyone is dying
don’t be that cynical, oh you pathetic!

smile… smile to the world
smile to the world because you yourself know,
that may be tomorrow the world will miss you forever.

*Allah, save him please


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