Dunia Sandiwara

Jika memang hidup ini adalah panggung sandiwara
Siapa sutradaranya?
Kenapa orang-orang itu mau saja memerankan tokoh antagonis?
bermuka dua
bahkan tiga, empat, lima

Jika memang hidup ini panggung sandiwara
apakah isi pikiran tokoh-tokoh protagonis itu sebenarnya?
apakah mereka juga hanya…

Jika memang hidup ini panggung sandiwara
peran macam apa yang aku mainkan?
pura-pura apa??

Sharpay: “But you were so loyal, so sweet.” | Tiara: “That’s called acting. You should try it sometime.” –High School Musical 3


Camel Song (a lovely traveller couple love song) – Clara C

a lovely traveller couple love song…

Running through the forest hand in hand
Jumping over streams, talking ’bout our dreams
We laugh, we smile, we dance
Would you give it one more chance?
Please, don’t let me leave this place
I really, really don’t wanna wake up
‘Cause then I’ll have to face all the thoughts that race
How it all ended up the same
Without you here in my arms

Keep holding on (Keep holding on)
Keep holding on

Remember how we laughed, our hearts beating fast
It was like a scene straight from tv
We sped away from the cops on our feet
To find a spot on a hill that overlooked the city still
With you here in my arms

Keep holding on (Keep holding on)
Keep holding on

Don’t forget the pictures in our minds
On the floor at the station, we could care less what people thought
The only two in a sea of blur at the turn in ‘nother year
With you here in my arms

Pizza and pasta with the band playing Sinatra
Nothing else can never compete
Like a two piece puzzle, they don’t even come close
With you here in my arms

We travel the world
Pampas from Brazil and brats from Belgium
There are so many more places to discover
And I wouldn’t wanna do it with another

Don’t forget the journey’s in the snow solvent mysteries
And in the desert full of camels
As I finish this song, I have one request
That you be in my arms