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KeepCrowded Lauch

I never sleep without dreaming. I just knew that it was not good, means that i never sleep tightly. It is because  i just cant stop thinking , even though they’re not all hard sometimes even nice, but the effect works on my mind. Ya it keeps crowded then.

Crowded with all dreams and obsession, perhaps… (like it’s worth it linG?!).

As my heart was just broken by Stefan who will delete my multiply soon. So, yeaach yeaachhh i then make this new one. Aaaagh… clap please!! Here we are, brand new blog. KeepCrowded

NB: I imported my writing on blogger which was just 22 posts. Unfortunately Stefan hasn’t given me the tool to move all the stuffs from my old house to another, so just wait and see. Just like MenatapMatahari, this will be my doodling place which is not really important to write and to read :)). Visit another blog of mind on (the formal one), and (reblogging one).



So many people want to be extraordinary, so being ordinary is not ordinary anymore, I am ordinary

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