From Kerupuk To Seublak With Love

This is about my kitchen works. Haaa… my husband loves krupuk so much, if i don’t watch him going around a food store we shopping, he would take more than one kind of kerupuk. And, as he is from South Sumatera, where the most delicious kerupuk comes from, he only wants to buy kerupuk palembang, which is more expensive than ordinary kerupuk *_*

As a housewife, my instinct always brings me to the cheaper stuffs. And for kerupuk, i do want it too. One day i shopped with my mum, my husband was not with me yeaach, he wouldnt know if i bought ordinary kerupuk, took one pack of kerupuk which was much cheaper than Kerupuk Palembang, woohooo. I believe that it was only about the brand, and dont judge food by its brand.

When i got home, my husband was happy because i brought him kerupuk. I fried them soon.

Kerupuk kerupuk kerupuk, my husband showed his disappointment. The kerupuk was not as delicious as Kerupuk Palembang. It’s not as tasty as kerupuk palembang, okay, me wrong… i’m not a big fan of kerupuk palembang lah.

So i didnt fry all ordiary kerupuk i bought, not even a half of it, because my husband was not interested in eating it at all. *sigh

But, yesterday, i felt that the ordinary kerupuk which was still in the refrigerator calling me again and again, again and again. Oooh the kerupuk made me so guilty, i never meant to waste you, kerupuk.

Suddenly, the idea came….

Why dont i make seublak… haaaaaaahhh

In short, i cooked the kerupuk to be seublak, you know? hot wet kerupuk… haha, and wondrously, my husband loved it so much, aw aw…. tambah cinta deh #eh

Oh ya, kerupuk is everything for my husband, for Indonesia, for Adhitia Sofyan


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