Day 01 – Your favorite movie

Favorit movie? Emmm, it is like u asking a mother to choose her favorit child. Well, let’s say my favorit movies, because i have so many… But, ok, just pick one, Ling, emm hardly taken

-10 seconds silent-

-drum rolling-


Dead Poet’s Society

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.

Well acted by Robin Williams, the literary teacher who goes with his unordinary way of teaching and his education paradigm which is beyond pragmatic acquiescence, that what makes it appeal to me, since i’m a teacher too (that kind of teacher who loves standing or sitting on the table). And those are engaged with a very great cast and pictures.

But, i don’t really like the sad ending, wish another happy ending. 🙂

In short, worth watching and above average. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 01 – Your favorite movie

  1. yantist says:

    Dulu, pas pertama kali nonton aq terkesan sekali ama film ini. Lah, pas setelah bertahun2 nonton lagi, jadi ga seseru pas pertama nonton 😀
    Jadi ingat meme q yang gantung deh. Belum selesai. Ubek2 lagi deh 😀

    • linggaa says:

      It appeals to me banget mbak because i’m a teacher, ada bagian2 yang lin gga suka banget buat nonton ulang. RObbin Williamsnya keren banget jadi MR. Keating.

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