Random Things About My Pregnancy (Just ended the first trimester… woow)

1. I had a bit nausea in the morning (and sometimes whole day) but no throwing up, only three times and they were not really bad anyway.

2. Food might what helped me a lot to stand on my sickness. As the nausea was not so bad, i could eat as often as i wanted. I never let my stomach get empty. And alhamdulillah i could eat any food i want.

3. As i didn’t vomit or anything like that, i felt a big doubt if i was really pregnant or not. So i had my home pregnancy test about six times… haha, and they all showed 2 strips.

4. I really want to eat mini-meals throughout the day (as what the articles tell me) but the fact is i love big-meals better… haha, like siomay, sate, and indomie (ups)

5. my sense of smell was just okay, i still cook for lunch and dinner, no need to stay away from kitchen stuff like onion, garlic, or pepper.

6. I sleep earlier, at eight, almost every night while pregnancy.

7. Just started to find a name for the baby… it’s not as easy as finding a name for my sisters’ newborn baby.

8. I dont really like to update anything about my pregnancy on facebook… 😛

9. I hope everything’s is just gonna be okay till she come to this world, baby my baby.

10. I’m gonna read a lot of books, history, humanist novel, and doing some mathematics stuff maybe, haha… read Qur’an and the translation aloud..

11. Bakso… (????)


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