What I Would Like To Say

About my marriage? am I happy? am I?…

Yes, I’m quite very happy for a responsible hubby, for a cute baby, for my house which is so messy most of time, for the so crazy hectic mornings that i can’t go to bed again after the subuh prayer, for the clothes that never stop piling up waiting for me to iron and fold, for the food list that never be real as i always decide to just cook that again and again menu.

i used to never feet in the kitchen to do cooking stuff, i did never have to think hard of the clothes, or ya in short, i u sed to be a lazy girl. And, being a housewife is like… be somebody i’m not, no no somebody i was not.

Am I happy for that? should i be happy?

Haha, it was a hard start, first morning that i realized the responsibilty of domestic works, why me? whay not? no! Why should I? Why not a housemaid doing this all? I kept questioning it all.


That time, i’m quite sure that i’m happy, when we, side by side, sitting on the terace, watching the road in front, talking about nothing, scramble to speak, eh ya at that time, when i am just speechless, u say…


Love and happiness is just inseperable. To love is to be existed in someone’s heart (IMHO), it could happen only when I am important, ya when you can count on me whatever the situation. To love and to be loved and to be happy. It is that simple? believe me! It is not that simple.

Well, time is all what we need to get used to “love”. Yes, I will just survive… I know i’m happy although sometimes i am not, but…

in Short, I AM HAPPY, at least, in people’s general opinion, wkwkwk.


10 thoughts on “What I Would Like To Say

  1. eL Ro says:

    I help my wife allot, cuman ya memang ga semua sich. Harus bagi tugas sich, kasihan kalo istri saia yang kecil itu harus kerjain semua. I ask her to cook and take care our baby. Selebihnya saia yg kerjain, nyapu, ngepel, cuci, setrika, bersih-bersih, loh kok banyak ya..?? Wkwkkk..,
    after all, I’m happy for every smile givin from my wife and those preaty baby i have..

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